Organic Freeze Dried Foods

Organic foods have become very popular in recent years. Health concerns surrounding foods produced in traditional ways prompted this popularity. Organic foods are foods that have been grown or food from animals that haven’t been exposed to pesticides, preservatives, or hormones.

Freeze drying is a form of dehydration that has been used for many years to preserve food naturally, and removes air and moisture from foods using a type of cooling vacuum. Removing moisture and air from foods extends their shelf life exponentially.

Organic freeze dried foods are becoming a commonly found product on the internet. Organic freeze dried foods such as grains, pasta, beans, fruits and vegetables are all able to be freeze dried and stored for years at a time in most cases. When organic freeze dried foods are bought in bulk and reconstituted they supply many servings of the food. If stored in proper airtight containers, the food can last for years as long as it has not been prepared. They don’t expire as quickly as foods bought in the store due to the manner in which the large quantities are packaged.

Shelf Life
Due to the bulk dried food packaging, a year’s worth of food can be kept in a very small space, making it ideal for apartment or mobile home dwellers. Buying these foods helps offset high food prices and provides emergency supplies. Freeze dried foods also require very little preparation; all that is most often needed is some water.

Foods that are grown without pesticides or hormones are made less perishable by freeze drying. Shelf life is extended tremendously by this form of dehydration. Organic foods are typically pricier than non-organic foods. Preservation by freeze drying saves money by making certain purchases less frequent and providing the same more servings per container. Foods are also typically protected better in airtight containers which better prevent spoilage.

Freeze dried foods; often have a slightly different flavor than their fresh, canned, or frozen counterparts as freeze drying occasionally changes the texture of the foods when they are prepared. Freeze dried foods are however thought to be significantly more nutritious than their canned or frozen counterparts. The superiority in nutrition is accounted for by the freeze drying process, which suspends the food in the fresh state at which it is frozen. It is not uncommon for people to included freeze dried foods in their diet alongside traditional food.

Use as an emergency food supply
Freeze dried foods are excellent pantry foods due to their extra long shelf life. These food products are excellent for those on a tight budget looking to stock-up or campers. and hikers. Freeze dried food is also good to have in an emergency situation as many of them only require hot water to prepare.