3 Tips to Survive Boot Camp – How You Can Prepare For Marine Boot Camp to Guarantee Your Graduation

Do you really think that you can survive marine boot camp in your current condition? US Marine Boot Camp will be hell, both physically and mentally. It’s what you do before you get there that can be the difference between you being sent home to feel sorry for yourself and you being considered one of the strongest and most respected individuals in the world – the US Marines.

However, it is your mindset and mental strength that will make you or break you at US Marine Corps Boot Camp. What can you do right now to get your mind ready so that you can survive boot camp? Here are some helpful tips that I learned from a former US Marine:

1) Learn how to face your fears.
2) Quell your emotions. Make sure not to express fear or distress at marine boot camp!
3) Resist temptations and desires. Quit eating fast food and stop falling victim to laziness.

If you can master those above tips then you will have a much greater chance to survive boot camp and have everyone know that you made it through the toughest 12 weeks anywhere in the world to become among the world’s best warriors.

Also, you WILL need to get in shape before you leave. You don’t want to show up at USMC boot camp overweight or else you’ll be put on a “diet tray” which you won’t want…trust me. So here are some other tips that he told me to get into great physical shape so that you can survive marine boot camp:

1) Be able to do 10 pull-ups in a row without resting.
2) Be able to run 1.5 miles in less than 13 minutes.
3) Be able to do 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes.

If you can do all of that above, then you should have much more confidence in yourself to survive boot camp and make it to graduation.

How My Solo Adventure Changed Everything

Tapping in my credit card number and clicking on the flashing green “Confirm Booking” link was probably the wisest thing I ever did.

My trip to Bali was all set – my accommodation was booked, my flight was fixed and my bags were packed. I was growing more and more excited as the date approached but I was also overwhelmed; What if I don’t make any friends? What if I become too lonely? What if I get too sick to make it to the hospital? What if what if what if…

I wasn’t able to calm myself down,and when I boarded my flight I immediately FaceTimed my boyfriend and broke down into tears. They were more like ridiculous sobs and I couldn’t stop. Ten hours later, Bali’s beautiful temple like airport came into view through my small airplane window. The sight of the Indian Ocean’s waves filled with me with a sense of relief and excitement. I made it.

I left my anxieties and worries behind on the plane and stepped onto Balinese soil with a new sense of excitement. This is going to be amazing. I knew that from the very start and I was absolutely right – the next ten days were truly what I needed.

These are the top five things I gained.

1. Regaining Independence

Traveling alone means you are solely responsible for your belongings, cash, passport and life. With that comes a sense of regaining your independence and learning how to deal with tricky situations. It can be scary at times because life is full of surprises, but being on your own in a foreign place teaches you how to prepare yourself for situations that may not usually happen in the comfort of your home.

It ultimately teaches you that security lies in your hands, and your hands only. These are things that help you grow as a person and level up your sense of maturity.

2. Meeting Extraordinary People

Traveling with a partner or a group of friends means that you won’t have to dine alone or walk back to your hotel alone at 2 in the morning or have to approach strangers at the bar. But it also means that you most likely won’t make new life long friends from all over the world.

I was most nervous about not meeting people on this trip; I know I am a shy person and have quite a few inhibitions when it comes to approaching random people. But it took me less than 24 hours to realize that I was completely wrong and to discover a friendly, social and affable side to me.

I ended up having striking conversations with all sorts of people from different backgrounds – conversations that will stick with me forever, conversations that have shifted my perspective and opened up whole new worlds inside me. It was refreshing to meet strangers and to hear their stories; some were inspiring while others were bizarre.

Most of all, it made me realize just how big our world is and how we become so cooped up in our own lives and social circles that we forget just how amazing (and sometimes heartbreaking) the human spirit can be.

3. Leaving the Comfort Zone (then erasing the definition of comfort from your life)

Whoever said that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone was absolutely right.

I would have never imagined to drive a motorcycle and get lost on the narrow and chaotic roads of Bali but I did – and for ten days, too! I never thought I would enjoy dining at a five star couple infested restaurant on my own (and in my yoga gear to be exact) but I loved it so much that I sat there alone for an hour and a half and savored every last bite of my three course meal. I never dreamed of surfing but became so addicted to the thrill of it that I signed up for more lessons after my first time. New territories were explored, and because I was on my own I felt no obligations or limitations. I was going to explore things on my own time and at my own will.

Traveling alone subjects you to all sorts of adventure and the wise thing to do is to take them up. You start to see how beautiful life can be and how it consists of seizing every moment and not worrying about the consequences (let’s be sensible here – I’m not referring to wild parties and drugs!).

It was when I left my comfort zone that my inner self was surfaced and when I discovered that I am a wild spirit that cannot be easily tamed. It also made me see how my routine at home killed that part of me. Now that I have shed a light on this and have come back from my trip, I have learned new tricks to revive that part of me and say no to routine. I feel more flexible and more adapted to the idea of going with the flow.

4. Facing the Monsters in Your Head

This comes inevitably when you leave your comfort zone, and when you do come face to face with these monsters (for me it was getting a foot massage and going inside a cave) you realize just how small and ludicrous they are. Being alone helps achieve that.

5. Getting in Touch with Yourself

This sounds very cliche, but cliches exist for a reason.

To my surprise, being alone with myself and my thoughts was remedial. It allowed me to get in touch with the person I am:my hopes, my dreams, my ambitions and my fears. It made me realize just how out of touch I have been with myself for the past decade, and how my life has been a struggle of pleasing everyone and conforming to their image of me. It gave me the opportunity to say Hey! I’m actually pretty awesome the way I am and people are lucky to have me in their lives. And trust me, saying that out loud with true conviction is so liberating.

I can go on endlessly about my solo trip to Bali, but I’m afraid that words will fail me. The feelings that it provoked and the experiences and life lessons it handed over to me are etched in my soul. I can’t recommend this enough; if you feel like you have been stuck and emotionally drained then book a ticket and GO GO GO!

UK Theme Parks – Adventure Island

Adventure Island is a thriving little park, not strictly a theme park, but an adventure park. It is situated in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. A free admission fun park with a variety of attractions, although you do, of course, have to pay for the rides.

Adventure Island, which used to be known as Peter Pan’s Playground, has been growing and thriving since it was bought back in 1976. A major turning point in the history of the park was the construction of the east side in 1995 which now houses Rage and Beelzee Bob’s Trail. Rage is one of four roller coasters in the park.

The first roller coaster to be constructed at Adventure Island was The Green Scream in the late 90s. The Green Scream is described as a very good all round family ride. With quite a long train, 20 cars seating 2 people to a car, the front car is a fibreglass crocodile which represents the parks mascot Snappy, and the last car is the tail.

Opening in 2000 at Adventure Island, the second roller coaster, the Barnstormer has one of the best helix curves on a mini coaster. Although half the length of The Green Scream, the Barnstormer is of the same design and has a fibreglass pilot at the front car and a dog at the back with propellors mounted at each end of the train.

Mighty Mini Mega opened in 2003 at Adventure Island and has six cars seating four people, two at the front and two at the back, totalling 24 riders. A very intense ride, although somewhat short. It has a helix towards the end and a very sharp brake run with fast deceleration. Designed specifically with space in mind and quite compact, the designers have used the space to a maximum.

The fourth roller coaster at Adventure Island is Rage. The newest and most expensive at the park, (opened Februrary 2007), Rage is the first coaster of this kind in the UK. It stands 75ft high, has a 97 degree drop, a vertical hill lift, a vertical loop and a Zero G Roll, not to mention the other elements and tight turns. An exhilarating ride which pleases the thrill seekers. Also, Rage is a dominating sight on the Southend seafront with vivid colors and a magnet which attracts guests to the park.

Adventure Island also has 28 other rides, which include: (for the mini riders up to 1m tall) – Magic Monsters; American Whip; Lighthouse Slip; Big Wheel; Choo Choo Train; Goldmine; Crooked House; Jungle Express; Blackbeard’s All at Sea; Jumping Jolly Roger’s; Sea Serpent; Viking Boats; Flying Jumbos; Beelzee Bob’s Trail. For the Junior Riders between 1m and 1.2m tall – Sk8borda; The Dragon; Cow Jump; Drop ‘n’ Smile; Fireball; Pharaoh’s Fury. For the older children at 1.2m and over – Archelon; Ramba Zamba; Skydrop; Dragon’s Claw; Scorpion; Tidal Wave Green; Tidal Wave Blue; Vortex. Something for everyone.

There are plenty of “refuelling stations” at Adventure Island. Jungle Jive Cafe serving burgers and chicken meals; Adventure Island Food Bar; Pizzas of Eight; Traditional Fish and Chips; Candy Cottage and Fudge Factory; Desert Island; Candy Floss Box; Hot Dogs and Burgers; Roberto’s Coffee Continental.

Southend-on-Sea is a short drive from London and easily accessible by train and is a great day out by the seaside with a great little adventure park close at hand. For details of prices and opening times see Adventure Island.

Travel Agent Career – How To Become A Travel Agent

Searching for a travel agent career? Well look no further my friend this article is going to teach you everything you need to know including exactly how to become a travel agent without ever having to leave the house!

If you’ve been searching for a career as a travel agent you’re probably in it for more than the money. You are the adventurous type you want to get out to see the world but the money is always nice. So not only are you going to become one but you’re also going to learn how to capitalize on this ever growing and expanding industry.

Did you know that the travel industry is now a $7 trillion dollar a year industry? Crazy right? Well it is, in fact travel related searches are the #1 searched subject on the internet. Needless to say there is a lot of opportunity out there for anyone searching for this type of career. Now in your quest to learn how to become a travel agent there are a few things you want to ask yourself.

First of all do you want to work for someone else?

You know have a j.o.b. (just over broke), be tied down, and only be able to experience those travel benefits once or twice a year. Or do you want to be your own boss and run your own travel business.

If you’re like me you want to own your own business and that’s a very smart choice so pat yourself on the back.

Picture yourself at home or at your favorite exotic destination and getting paid for it! That’s just a little piece of the freedom you’ll get to taste when you decide to learn how to become a travel agent and start your own travel agent career.

So if you want to learn how the first thing I would suggest is starting your own travel business. It may sound hard but it’s really not there are plenty of companies and plenty of people out there who are more than willing to show you the ropes and get you started in your own home based travel business.

In closing, work smart not hard. You can do it, I know you can. Finding the right career for you may seem hard at first but if you can grasp the concept of starting your own travel business you’ll be excited you figured out how to become a travel agent, not only one but your own CEO!